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Former spy: Democrats and Republicans are too distracted from 'real enemies

Glenn Beck
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Former KGB spy Jack Barsky returned this morning to “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” for more stories about his experiences undercover during the Cold War. Barsky was sent to the U.S. to serve as a spy for Moscow, but after a decade in the U.S., he fell in love with the country and refused to return to Russia.

The Soviet spy turned American patriot also offered analysis of today’s messy political landscape. He criticized both of America’s main political parties, saying that Democrats and Republicans alike lack focus and make everything about their own rivalry instead of focusing on overseas threats.

With real knowledge of what a communist regime looks like, Barsky warned Americans to beware of a true authoritarian government.

Republicans and Democrats have clashed over reports and rumors about Russia’s possible influence on the election and U.S. government surveillance that may have captured information on individuals within the Donald Trump campaign. According to Barsky, they have become distracted from their true opponents.

“What that did was put the focus in public discourse on something that shouldn’t be the focus,” Barsky said. “So all of a sudden we get to a point where Republicans are the biggest enemies for Democrats and vice versa, when in fact, we have real adversaries and real enemies.”

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