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Glenn Beck: Progressivism creates beautiful cities that are bound to fail

Glenn Beck
Austin, Texas, USA downtown skyline over the Colorado RIver. (SeanPavonePhoto/gettyimages)

Glenn Beck broadcast his nationally syndicated radio program from Austin, Texas, on Friday and expounded on the greatness of progressive cities such as the Texas capital. But he also offered an explanation for why the progressivism that makes these cities great also ultimately leads to their failure.

"Some of the greatest cities in America are these big, progressive cities," the host said. "The problem is is the progressive takes over — like California — and they destroy it, because they're not good at law and order, they're not good at understanding business and taxes."

Though Beck believes progressives tend to excel at the arts and beauty, which leads to attractive and entertaining cities, he opined that progressive policies — from high taxation to overregulation to sanctuary cities that shield illegal immigrants from federal enforcement — bring despair and make doing business nearly impossible.

For Beck, if municipalities were to balance the positive progressive attributes with conservative policies, these cities could flourish:

The conservatives are good at law and order and they're also good at freedom of "leave me alone." If we can just go back to a time when we were getting together and ... we could just leave each other alone, we'd be fine. But progressive cities want to control you, and that's the problem.

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