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Glenn: Had the VA shooter succeeded, these terrible consequences could have followed

Glenn Beck
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People are still reeling from the attack in Virginia Wednesday that left five people injured, including Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), who remains in critical condition.

A gunman opened fire on the GOP congressional baseball team Wednesday morning while Republican members of Congress were at an Alexandria baseball field for their last practice before the annual congressional baseball game for charity. Because Scalise is part of GOP House leadership as the Majority Whip, a security detail was there to stop the shooter relatively quickly. Had that not been the case, everyone at the practice field could have died.

"If Scalise had a breakfast or something else this morning and wasn't there, you would have had 15 or 20 dead congressmen and 10 dead staff people,” Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. “There is nothing that would have stopped this guy," he said.

Glenn Beck reminded everyone that if the shooter had been successful, our country would have changed immediately in terrifying ways on Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.” If a shooter had managed to take down so many lawmakers at once, the Department of Homeland Security would have cracked down hard, internet speech would have been targeted and the stock market would have crashed, Glenn asserted. He attributed the country’s narrow escape to Divine Providence.

“This is a miracle,” he stated.

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