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‘Have you ever?’ MSU survey asks students shockingly invasive questions about their sex lives

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What’s going on?

Michigan State University has been under fire after reports that the school was helping to cover up sexual abuse in its sports programs.

The university recently sent students a sex survey, which seems like an odd way to address the issue. Campus Reform writer Nikita Vladimirov joined today’s show to talk about this strange story.

What did the survey ask?

The survey, which purportedly aimed to learn more about how students view “sex, sexuality, pornography, relationship violence, and sexual assault,” asked if they had ever “gagged on a penis” or “ejaculated on someone's face.” It also asked detailed questions about whether students had used sex toys or porn for arousal.

What else should I know?

While the survey was voluntary, anonymous and (according to the university) not paid for by the school, it still seems like a bizarre invasion of privacy.

MSU said it was part of an attempt to offer better sexual education options, Vladimirov explained. But the school has been vague on who spearheaded the project and why the survey was sent to students.

“Somebody’s clearly being paid to ask these questions … and of course, the university’s also using a software company to store all this data,” he pointed out. “I find it very difficult to believe that zero dollars and zero cents were spent on this survey.”

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