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Hear the inspiring story of the MLB player whose life was saved when he received a new heart

Mike Opelka
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On Monday's "Pure Opelka," host Mike Opelka told a touching story detailing 29-year-old Konrad Reuland's promising National Football League career and how it was cut short when he passed away recently from a brain aneurysm.

However, Reuland's death gave a second chance at life to Baseball Hall of Famer and Minnesota Twin Rod Carew, as Carew was the recipient of Reuland's heart and kidney. He was hospitalized for more than a year, barely recovering, when he received the organs at nearly the last possible moment.

Reuland met Carew when he was 11 years old and grew up to play for Stanford in college, then the Jets and the Ravens. He died suddenly on December 12, 2016, and his heart and kidney were inside Carew by December 16.

The Reuland family and Carew recently got together to hear their loved one's heart beat once more. Reuland's father is younger than Carew, which, Mike said, "tells you how tough this must have been for them."

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