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Here is another position Bill Nye has changed in his attempt to remain relevant

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Bill Nye the alleged "Science Guy" is all over the news lately, mostly due to his own efforts. From the March for Science to his new show "Bill Nye Saves the World," he seems to be everywhere. Today on "Pure Opelka," FaithWire's Billy Hallowell talked to Mike Opelka about how some of Nye's beliefs may be all over the place, too.

Nye is quite vocal in his more recent belief that opposition to the pro-choice movement is unscientific, but Hallowell cited a 1993 episode of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" where he clearly describes a photo of a fertilized egg as a "baby picture." Will the real Bill Nye please stand up?

Hallowell suggested he may have adopted this public stance on abortion because he believes it appeals to millennials. He said "Bill Nye Saves the World" seems to disclose less of what Nye thinks and more of what he thinks of millennials. From the embarrassingly bad Rachel Bloom song and dance number to his pandering to the science-curious, he seems to need an audience more than a platform.

The author and blogger said Christians in particular are waking up to their need to be more engaged with culture. Television personalities such as Nye are shaping young people, creating, as he termed it, a "seismic shift" in how we as a culture view the world.

Mike observed that Nye's appearance on Dancing With the Stars put him back in the public eye, though Hallowell pointed out his much-publicized debate with Ken Ham didn't hurt with a certain demographic. It also seems to have entrenched Nye in a political camp he won't be leaving any time soon.

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