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Here’s how Twitter had fun with Scaramucci’s White House exit

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Another one bites the dust. Anthony Scaramucci, who was White House communications director for just 10 days, is the latest Trump administration hire to get the boot. What things and people have had #MoreSuccessThanScaramucci? There’s quite a list: Clear Pepsi, President William Henry Harrison, “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.” Doc Thompson and Kal Elsebai made a list on Tuesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

Scaramucci’s White House career was unusually short-lived even in a tumultuous administration that has fired many key players in its first six months. Chief of staff Reince Priebus resigned last week, while Gen. Michael Flynn, former FBI director James Comey and transition team member Chris Christie are also no more.

On Tuesday’s show, Doc wondered if the move primarily came from Gen. John Kelly, who came in to replace Priebus as chief of staff. His theory was that Kelly was cleaning house and thought Scaramucci had to go after making all kinds of headlines with his salacious, uncensored phone call to a New Yorker reporter.

Another possibility is that Scaramucci was specifically hired because he and Priebus have a history. Did Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump want Scaramucci brought in to edge out Priebus? According to a New York Times report, the couple urged the president to hire Scaramucci because they saw him as a way to get rid of Priebus and his allies.

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