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Here's something about Denmark you didn't hear Bernie touting

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Heavy is the head the wears the crown...or never got a chance at one. Prince Henrick has been married to Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark, for the past 50 years, but now he does not want to be buried next to his bride.

The 83-year-old prince consort never got an upgrade in title to king consort, so he has never felt like her equal. Lene Balleby, director of communications for the Royal Danish House, told Danish newspaper BT, "It is no secret that the prince for many years has been unhappy with his role and the title he has been awarded in the Danish monarchy."

The New York Times, who published English translations of Danish reports, tells the tale of a man who had to ask his blue-blooded wife for money to buy cigarettes up into his fifties. Henrik's biographer Stephanie Surrugue said, "He loves his wife, but has difficulties with the queen as an institution."

Gender issues associate professor Karen Sjoerup of Roskilde University seems to think Henrik is not entitled to equal rights, saying, "The law on gender equality does not apply to the royal court.”

Mike Opelka remarked on Friday's "Pure Opelka," "I guess the vows really do mean something. 'Till death do us part."

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