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Here’s what Nancy Pelosi and Fyre Festival have in common

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Doc Thompson compared House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s flip-flop on former FBI director James Comey to the incompetence of the Fyre Festival on Wednesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

Along with many other Democrats, Pelosi was disparaging of Comey’s job performance before he was unceremoniously fired by President Donald Trump. She attempted to spin her negative comments on FBI director James Comey by saying that while she thought Comey was “unsuited” for the job, she never actually said he should be fired.

“I mean yeah, I said he wasn’t suited for the job and shouldn’t do it, but I didn’t call for him to be fired,” Doc sarcastically paraphrased Pelosi’s comments. “I think Nancy may actually secretly may be working for the Fyre Festival. … OK, Comey, you’re not gonna have the job anymore ‘cause you’re not suited for it, but you shouldn’t be fired.”

Last week, leaked audio from a Fyre Festival conference call revealed that employees won’t be paid for their work. Intended to be a luxury getaway music festival, the event crashed and burned in April when guests arrived at an island in the Bahamas to discover that Fyre Festival “amenities” were disaster relief tents, lost luggage and not enough food to go around. On the leaked recording, Fyre Festival organizer Billy McFarland told employees that they would not get paid, but they were also not being fired.

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