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Impenetrable vault' housing the Global Seed Vault turned out to be not so 'impenetrable


The Global Seed Vault is in the Arctic and holds millions of seeds in case a global disaster strikes, but melting permafrost recently penetrated the vault’s entrance. While the seeds are safe and the Norwegian group behind the vault is working on a fix, should we be worried?

On Wednesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,” Doc Thompson and Kal Elsebai talked about what a doomsday scenario would look like and if an impenetrable vault all the way up on the Arctic will be able to help the few remaining people survive.

Doc pointed out that the supposedly impenetrable vault lasted for less than a decade before something got through the entrance. Norwegian state construction group Statsbygg opened the vault in 2008. Now if there’s a global disaster, the vault of seeds in the Arctic may not secure humanity’s future.

“This is 2017, so the impregnable vault that was going to last forever … they did nine years,” Doc said.

Another problem is whether or not the seed vault could help the few remaining people after a meteor hits or a disease wipes out most of the population. Doc and Kal envisioned a doomsday scenario where they attempt to walk from Texas up to the Arctic, spending years trying to make it to the seed vault.

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