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Intelligence analyst weighs in on whether or not what Trump revealed to Russia was really classified

Doc Thompson
A new poll found that 57 percent of likely voters say President Donald Trump is "too confrontational," and 32 percent say his leadership style is "about right." (Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

TheBlaze’s Jason Buttrill analyzed the Washington Post’s report this week that President Donald Trump shared highly classified information with Russian officials. The president can technically de-classify and share information, but if the reports are accurate, he may have endangered both important intelligence sources and relationships with U.S. allies.

Buttrill, a former intelligence analyst for the Department of Defense, talked about his own experience with intelligence briefings on Tuesday's "The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson." He theorized that Trump shared some broader information that wasn’t actually classified as a measure of good faith with Russia. Buttrill also questioned the media’s motives with using anonymous sources within the administration for their coverage.

“I am sick of the anonymous sources,” Buttrill asserted. “You either show us hard evidence of this or just don’t report it.”

That being said, if Trump did share classified information that violated intelligence agreements with our allies, “this would be a pretty big deal,” Buttrill said, adding that “I just don’t believe it.”

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