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Internet outrage is a real addiction -- here's what happens

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A "process addiction" -- also known as a behavioral addiction -- is when a person is addicted to an ingrained behavior, like gambling, shopping -- and internet outrage. Mike Slater added "cable news outrage" to that list on this weekend's "Mike Slater Show."

He said even informative news outlets are becoming more and more like the addictive millennial content mill Buzzfeed, which compiles memes and videos and snippets of stories for its users. When we consume snippets of fact encased in opinion, we get a hit of the neurochemical dopamine each time we get angry, which gives us a calming sense of euphoria.

Like any other drug, we need more stimulation to receive the dopamine hit. This leads us to seek out opinions and takes on simple facts couched in more outrageous and divisive language to get that hit.

Mike admits that, like many of us, he checks his phone first thing in the morning, still in bed. Most of us check email, then Facebook, then the news. "It's all to get that rush, to get that hit," he said.

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