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Is the U.S. preparing to attack North Korea?

Glenn Beck
Pushpin marking on Pyongyang, North Korea map (North Korea/gettyimages)

Tensions are still growing between North Korea and the United States. More than 1,000 U.S. Marines landed in Australia over the weekend, and North Korea responded by threatening a nuclear strike on Australia for allowing the U.S. to hold an outpost there.

Glenn Beck gave an update on the North Korea situation on Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.” North Korea is holding three Americans, including an American citizen who was on his way home. He had been teaching accounting at a North Korea university.

North Korea threatened to wipe Sydney off the earth and has also threatened to sink the USS Carl Vinson, a U.S. supercarrier currently coordinating with the Japanese Navy.

“If there is a new Korean War, all of the pieces seem to be in place,” Glenn said.

China is making moves as well. Gas prices jumped 85 percent over the weekend in North Korea; while we don’t yet know why, the rumor is that China has enacted an oil embargo. “That, by the way, for most countries is considered an act of war,” Glenn noted, comparing it to the oil embargo the U.S. enacted against Japan before the Pearl Harbor attack.

The most concerning development is the report that President Donald Trump spoke Sunday night with the presidents of China and Japan.

“Did Trump call China and Japan last night and tell them of our intentions of a pre-emptive military strike in the future?” Glenn asked.

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