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Jonathon Dunne: Here's the double standard when it comes to liberals and valuing children


In the latest episode of Freedom's Disciple, Jonathon Dunne discussed America’s outrage at the border; how to actually solve the immigration problem; whether laws should be zero-tolerance; and why we should seek consistency on executive orders and taxes.

America spent last week outraged about illegal immigration and the border. On this week's episode, Jonathon addressed these facets of the debate:

  • An op-ed from Laura Bush. Why now?
  • MSNBC hosts crying without any context or apology for prior ignorance
  • Democratic strategists caring about 10-year-olds with Down syndrome at the border, yet silent on Iceland "solving" Down syndrome thru abortion

Jonathan also talked about the double standard when it comes to valuing human life. We witnessed hosts being outraged about kids being taken from their parents, yet those same hosts were either silent or mocked people who fought for young Alfie Evans.

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