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Alfie Evans, British toddler at center of massive legal battle, dies

Alfie Evans, the British toddler whose medical case garnered worldwide attention, died Saturday morning. (Image via Twitter @SkyNews screenshot)

Alfie Evans, the terminally ill toddler from Great Britain whose medical case garnered worldwide attention, died early Saturday morning. According to the Evans parents, Alfie died around 2:30 a.m. BST.

What are the details?

Thomas Evans, along with his wife Kate, wrote on Facebook they are "absolutely heartbroken" over the death of their young son.

Alfie died at the same hospital in Liverpool where he had been staying for more than a year. Alfie, who was born in May 2016, was admitted to that hospital in 2016 after suffering a series of seizures. Doctors later diagnosed Alfie with a degenerative brain disease, which has no known cure, according to the BBC.

Alfie remained on life support until Monday, when a British judge ruled he be allowed to die. Prior to the ruling, Alfie's parents had been fighting for months to send their son to a hospital in Italy. Italian authorities even granted Alfie citizenship. But British officials ruled Alfie remain in England.

Alfie's case led to an outpouring of worldwide support, and people further showed their support on Saturday when news of Alfie's death broke.

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