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Listen: A high-ranking North Korean soldier escaped over the border in ‘shocking’ defection

Doc Thompson
(Photo credit STR/AFP/Getty Images)

South Korea is spreading the amazing story of a North Korean defector who escaped across the border earlier this month. The 24-year-old soldier known as “Oh” was shot five times as he fled across the border into South Korea, but he is reportedly recovering after surgery in a Suwon hospital.

Heritage Foundation policy analyst Olivia Enos joined today’s show to analyze the North Korean threat to the U.S., explain why it’s so difficult for people to escape the communist regime and discuss whether the Kim dynasty can stay in power forever.

“To actually cross at the joint security area where both North and South Korea are literally face to face and looking at each other is virtually unheard of,” Enos said of the soldier who defected. “We have seen very few high-level defections … it was really shocking.”

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