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Listen: California is finally cracking down on the classic light bulb

Doc Thompson
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What’s going on?

If you live in California and like traditional light bulbs, you may want to stock up.

California stores won’t be able to sell light bulbs manufactured after Jan. 1 that don’t meet certain regulations enacted to ban incandescent light bulbs. Consumers will have to pick between LED lights and compact fluorescents.

Weren’t incandescent lightbulbs already banned?

On today’s show, Doc and Kal talked about this update and were a bit confused … how many times have incandescent light bulbs been banned again?

The government has been working to phase out traditional light bulbs, which are less efficient than LED and fluorescent options, since the Bush administration. President George W. Bush signed an energy bill into law in 2007 that set new energy efficiency standards.

What else should I know?

Energy-saving advocates say that more efficient light bulbs will save California residents and businesses on their electric bill. The National Resources Defense Council estimates that once all the traditional light bulbs have been phased out, Californians will save around $1 billion annually.

The switch to non-incandescent bulbs will likely be something of a trade-off since LED and compact fluorescent bulbs cost more but last longer.

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