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Listen: This is how to end the climate change war


For the past several decades, offshore drilling has been restricted on the East Coast. The Trump administration has moved to expand offshore oil and gas drilling this year. Those who support expansion, such as John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil Co. and founder of Citizens for Affordable Energy, point out that US dependence on foreign oil supplies is an issue of national security. John joined this week's "Jacki Daily Show" to discuss the country's plan for the future of energy security.

"As of right now, no one has advanced a plan for fixing climate change," Jacki noted. "No one, including the International Panel on Climate Change nor the US EPA, have advanced a plan that has any meaningful impact on the climate. So what are we to do?"

"The biggest issue we face in terms of energy security, which is also in my opinion the same as national security, is our dependence, our continued dependence on foreign imports of oil," said John. He added, "What we should be thinking about and doing, is we should tap our natural gas reserves for transportation fuels with the primary purpose of getting rid of imported oil. And also bringing natural gas, as a less expensive, more affordable, and cleaner fuel into the transportation cycle.... We have so much natural gas, over the next century we could be emphasizing natural gas transportation fuels combined with oil, combined with bio-fuel, combined with electric vehicles, to really stop having to depend on foreign imports."

"Energy is the lifeblood of the nation, right alongside money," continued John. "As a society, as a country, as an economy, we have to have energy. We have to have the molecules and the electrons that light our lights and fuel our vehicles so we can do what we do everyday, that is function as a people in the 21st century."

Listen to the podcast above to learn more.

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