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Listen: This 'obvious choice' for person of the year may shock you


This week, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser gives you his take on who should be named "person of the year."

"Let's try to get the partisanship out of this for a second, if you and I can do this, and talk about who should be the person of the year. A lot of names have been floated, but one I think is an obvious choice," said Dr. Zuhdi. "Now remember, person of the year is not always someone who's a hero and did something good. It could be something bad, could be evil, somebody who sort of dominated the way that you're transpired."

Dr. Zuhdi goes on to say, "As much as this hurts me, as much as it pangs my heart and it's sad to say, I think the obvious choice is Vladimir Putin."

Has Dr. Zuhli lost it? Listen to the full episode here to hear his reasons for saying Putin is the obvious choice for person of the year.

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