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Listen: Trump suggests a reboot for congressional 'currency of corruption

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Congressman Pete Sessions joined Jacki in this clip from “The Jacki Daily Show,” to fill us in on the congressional practice of 'earmarking' -- a way of circumventing merit-based fund allocation and funneling tax dollars to a specific recipient.

"To put this in some perspective," explained Sessions, "The US House of Representatives, back in 2010, put a moratorium on what is called earmarks. And the moratorium was a direct result of seeing how the United States Senate and The House had performed with earmarks.

For example, in 2008 alone, Hillary Clinton (then) senator from New York was able to put 261 literally sticky notes in the bill to then get some $500 million of earmarks. Over the six years that she was a senator, over $2.3 billion worth of earmarks ... they did not go through the real process. They were simply put in there to make sure that she would get what she wanted."

In 2015, congressional earmarking became so out-of-control that it was finally banned, but now the dubious practice, known as the “currency of corruption,” is back up for debate, and President Donald Trump seems to be all for it.

Listen to the podcast clip above or find the entire episode here.

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