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Listen: Trump threatens to cut foreign aid to UN countries that vote against Jerusalem recognition

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Trump may cut foreign aid over U.N. vote

U.S. & Israel scramble for support on eve of Anti-Jerusalem recognition vote.


Gov’t to expand Jewish footprint in West Bank

The Israeli government has just unveiled a new plan to massively expand Jewish populations in the West Bank.


Conservative Jews start to say “#Metoo” too

A new scandal has just exploded in the Jewish conservative world, exposing the director of the movement’s Youth League, Jules Gutin, who has been accused by dozens of alleged victims over the years for sexually abusing them as children.


Nine former Nazis are I.D.’D in Germany

Nine new Nazi war crime suspects have just been turned over to German authorities, who served as guards at Death Camps that were used to exterminate Jews in the holocaust.


President Trump makes his first commutation

Professor Alan Dershowitz , Renowned Defense Lawyer & Author speaking at ILTV Studio via Skype about the issue of Sholom Rubashkin being released from prison after being convicted of fraud.


Israeli woman just became a mother of 20

Ultra-Orthodox 42 year old Israeli woman, has just gave birth to her twentieth child, which means she has roughly spent 14 years of her life pregnant.


Ancient church ruins discovered near Jerusalem

Archeologists have just unearthed the ruins of an ancient church and monastery less than twenty miles from Jerusalem, one of the largest ever discovered in such good condition.


Never lose a package again

Ziv Fass, Co-Founder & CEO of Package.ai speaking at ILTV Studio about the company that is making sure packages do not get lost in the way.


Israeli scientists regrow human bone

For the first time in history, medical experts have just regrown part of a missing human bone, inside the patient’s body.


Symbols that are worth the pain

For generations, the Razzouk family has been offering incredible tattoo art from Jerusalem, and this year they’ve been getting some very special customers just for Christmas.


29th Annual room dances festival returns

Dorothea Rüst,  Visual Performance Artist & Dancer speaking at ILTV Studio about the Room Dancers festival that is being held in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.


Top 5 winter activities to do in Israel

The top five winter activities to do in the Holy Land while visiting in the winter.


Hebrew word Of The Day: KAKUA | קעקוע = TATTOO

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Kakua" which means "Tattoo."


The Weather Forecast

Tonight the winter heatwave continues, with a low of sixty-one, or sixteen degrees Celsius. Tomorrow there should be little-to-no change in the weather, but over the weekend you can expect temperatures to finally drop a bit. The high will sit at about eighty, or twenty-seven degrees Celsius.

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