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Listen: Valentine’s Day is a week away – but this major chocolate company is in trouble. Why?


Everyone loves chocolate, so why is Hershey stock taking a dive?

Chef Patrick joined Doc on today’s show to talk about food trends, including his theories on why younger people aren't buying that many chocolate bars.

Chocolate faces a number of problems. The shifting climate is affecting the conditions needed to grow and harvest cacao beans, and at the same time, the younger generation isn’t that interested in the treat. Valentine's Day may boost sales each year, but for an everyday treat, chocolate has too much competition.

“Let’s face it: There’s so many other great options out there,” Chef Patrick said. The standard Hershey’s milk chocolate bar “really isn’t that attractive anymore.”

Listen to the full clip (above) for more about chocolate and food trends. What’s the first word you associate with chocolate cake? For Americans, the top word is “guilt,” but for the French, it’s “celebration.”

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