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Watch: Will the world run out of chocolate soon? Here’s why scientists are worried


What’s going on?

Don’t panic yet, but scientists are concerned that the world is heading toward a chocolate crisis. In a 2016 report, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that by 2050, rising heat from climate change may put cacao farming in jeopardy.

How is the candy world reacting?

Mars, the company that makes M&Ms and other classic chocolate treats, wants scientists to figure out a solution to protect the rainforests that produce about half of the world’s chocolate. The candy maker has pledged $1 billion toward sustainability efforts that will specifically help save the chocolate supply.

Can science save the chocolate?

Mars is partnering with the University of California Berkeley to invest the $1 billion into CRISPR technology, a technique to manipulate key strands of DNA that has been used to treat genetic diseases. Scientists believe they can use similar methods to create crops that can better thrive in a drier, hotter climate.

On today’s show, Chef Patrick talked about food trends and news, including the stark possibility that we’ll run out of chocolate in the near future, while Doc was pretty sure he just invented an amazing new candy bar.

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