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Listen--Yaron Brook: 'Ayn Rand would have been horrified by Trump's anti-trade mentality


In this podcast clip from the "The Yaron Brook Show," Yaron explores the term 'globalism' as it's used by Trump supporters and anti-leftists, as well as what it really means to the American economy.

"Globalism means nothing because it combines two completely contradictory ideas into one concept," explained Yaron. The first idea is a "global government," said Yaron, adding, "Nobody actually believes in world government who believes in liberty."

The second idea is free trade. "I am absolutely 100 percent for free trade," asserted Yaron. "NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) is a good deal." Free trade is good for the economy and American consumers because it lowers the price of goods and makes the production of goods in America more affordable.

"Ayn Rand would have been horrified by the anti-trade mentality that Donald Trump projects," added Yaron. "An America first stance on trade is no government intervention in trade. The government has no business who I buy my stuff from, what price I buy my stuff from. The government has no place intervening in my decisions whether I buy from Mexico or from China or from Alabama. It's none of the government's business."

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