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Listen – Yaron Brook: This is what really makes America so great

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In this short excerpt from the “The Yaron Brook Show," Yaron gives a 2017 year-end-review highlighting the successes we've seen, and how they've contributed to the nation's greatness. Among other achievements, he mentions:

  • Progress on deregulation
  • Environmental improvements
  • Advancements in the field of energy
  • Stock market is going up
  • Innovation, particularly in areas of healthcare, biotech, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and robotics
  • The fracking revolution

"American industry generally, in spite of the great recession, in spite of the regulations, in spite of uncertainty, in spite of everything, continues to astound in its ability to produce and create," noted Yaron. He added, "The brightest aspect of American society over the last 30 years has been its businesses, has been its 'evil' corporations, has been its entrepreneurs."

To listen to Yaron's full podcast, click here.

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