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Look out: Bernie is pushing a new “wealth tax” – hide your cows, hide your tractors, hide your acres

Pat Gray Unleashed
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Just when you thought Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) couldn’t get any worse with his unhinged belief that a single-payer health care system is good for Americans, he proposes a new “wealth tax.”

"Medicare-for-all" last week, “wealth tax” this week. The deranged senator is foaming at the mouth to make America more like Europe. His plan is to implement a European-style tax on wealth, right here in America.

According to BuzzFeed, opponents of Sanders used excerpts from his 1997 book “Outsider in the House” which stated “Sanders’ European-style wealth tax,” on “everything they own every year. Every tractor, cow, and acre” was printed on pamphlets which Sanders claimed was just an idea.

Pat’s take:

"Socialism sounds really good because I like social networks," said Pat jokingly as he mocked those who advocate for socialism, yet know nothing about it. "And I like to be social with other people and talk to them."

“One of the things we used to do on 'Trivia' is ask the question, ‘What does socialism mean?’ and only one person knew it was an actual governmental system of some sort. Everybody else thought it was being social. Everybody else thought it was like, Twitter … it’s like, uh, Instagram.”

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