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Mainstream media shares blame for rise of fake news

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The influence of falsified and distorted news stories on the 2016 election has been hotly debated ever since the polls closed on November 8th. Glenn Beck points out that fake news includes not only entirely fabricated stories such as those found on InfoWars and Occupy Democrats, but incorrect reporting based on flimsy evidence.  It has plagued mainstream coverage of major events, including the Benghazi attacks and the Hillary email scandal.

Glenn implicates the mainstream media for contributing to the rise of fake news through carelessness and liberal bias.

"Media has got to understand the only way we're ever going to be able to make progress is if the media can come to grips with what they've done over the last eight years," Glenn explains. "If they can't come to grips with the role they played in fake news — and that's not meaning they intentionally wrote fake news. It just means people look at the fake news of Benghazi and see the press as complicit."

Glenn also points out the obvious double standard in political scandal coverage: "They know that if George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan or anybody else would've done that with national security emails, it would've been the end of the world for that person. And they're still excusing Hillary Clinton on that."

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