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Man shot in Facebook Live video lived an inspiring life

Glenn Beck

On “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck talked Tuesday morning about the life of the man who was reportedly shot and killed on Facebook Live.

“What is it that we’re passing on to our friends and our family and our children?” Glenn asked. He reminded the audience that the small things that people do are part of their legacy and what their families remember.

Robert Godwin, Sr., the 74-year-old man randomly targeted and killed by a shooter who captured the moment on Facebook Live, was a grandfather who had worked hard for his family his whole life. A foundry worker who lived through segregation and the civil rights movement, Godwin lived a small but incredibly valuable life and was a father to nine children.

“He was a dad that was there,” Glenn described. Godwin, who was described as “gentle,” “sweet,” and “always respectful” by his kids, was shot on a Cleveland sidewalk while walking home from an Easter meal with his loved ones. “What he had left of his life was sadly stolen from him and his family,” Glenn said of the 74-year-old granddad.

Glenn was inspired by his story to remind everyone that “for better or worse, what you do today is building your legacy.”

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