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Mother of boy who received 'horrifying' TSA patdown tells her story

Doc Thompson
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Doc Thompson talked with Jennifer Williamson, the mother of the young boy who made headlines this week for the extensive pat-down he was subjected to during his trip from Dallas to San Diego. Jennifer told Doc about their experience and described how unnecessary she found it:

"I was thinking that it was excessive. My son had already passed through an x-ray screening without any incident. And it bothered me quite a bit, because they went over private areas more than once. I just felt like, for a child, this was pretty unnecessary," Williamson said.

She described her son's clothing as "thin," and that it was obvious he wasn't concealing anything.

Doc, having seen the video, was in full agreement: "The part that got me Jennifer, was at the end. So, he's wearing shorts that are just about knee length, and the TSA agent, from what I can tell, is doing what they normally do, you know, in the way they normally do it. But then he pats down his shorts, and then starts to go away, and then is 'wait a minute, what's right there in the corner, bottom, side of his shorts, like the seam. There must be a really tiny little gun.' ... It just seemed so unnecessary."

Williamson explained that she asked the agents if there was something else they could do other than the extensive pat-down. She was told, very firmly, that if they didn't submit to the pat-down they would be escorted from the premises by airport police. She said that, at that point, they were "embarrassed" because of the public nature of the experience and that they "just wanted to get out of that situation."

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