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New PETA ads have animals in bed with humans -- here's their explanation

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PETA has released an odd new series of print ads showing naked people in bed … with various animals. Doc Thompson and the guys tried to figure out what’s going on in the ad with two guys in bed with a chicken in between them on Friday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

“They both look very upset and disappointed,” Kal Elsebai explained the image for listeners. “There’s a chicken in between them in the bed.”

The large-print tagline on the ad is “meat interrupts your sex life.” Doc pointed out what anyone’s first impression looking at the ad will be: “The chicken is involved in some kind of sexual act.”

PETA’s explanation in the fine print below the image on the ad was that eating meat can clog your arteries and lead to erectile dysfunction. In two other ads, couples have other animals in between them: a cow and a pig, respectively.

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