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No, the world is not ending because President Trump changed course on this environmental issue

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Is the planet doomed because President Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord? Todd Young, Executive Director of the Southeastern Legal Foundation, returned to "The Jacki Daily Show" this weekend and told Jacki Daily that it most likely is not.

Young addressed people who are afraid that Earth will soon be inhospitable for humankind, saying, "Water levels around the planet are actually down now, rather than up," and other dire predictions have simply not come true. Earth is currently at pre-1994 carbon emission levels.

The idea that the planet is being rapidly destroyed by man puts the onus on man to fix it, he explained. Former President Barack Obama expected the United States government to act as a Band Aid by introducing concepts like Cap and Trade, which allows people and corporations to use energy if they're willing to pay extra for it. It did not pass.

Young said Obama then unleashed the Environmental Protection Agency, inviting them to "widely interpret" existing law. This was supposed to result in a net reduction of global temperature by 2100 by .01 degree Celsius, at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Obama also got the United States into the voluntary Paris Climate Accord, which Young explained would have become a constitutional issue because it would require Congress to change U.S. law for what amounted to very little effect.

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