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Obama attempts to describe himself in a single sentence

Mike Opelka

This past weekend President Obama was on with "ABC News" Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos and George asked the president what single sentence he would use to describe or define himself.

Stephanopoulos explained that JFK was asked the very same question during his presidency and now he was asking it of Obama. The President asked what JFK's response was to the question.

"I [JFK] don't care what history thinks," Stephanopoulos replied. To which Obama answered, "I'm sure he did."

Mike mentions how it was surprising to hear the President stutter or appear caught off guard when he discloses that Obama would have to know the question before it was even asked. "You don't get to surprise the President, so when you hear him 'ah ah ah,' he's just trying to make it sound natural — it's not," Mike says.

President Obama says he's gotten Americans skeptical of the political process and to get more engaged. Obama believes that he has even gotten people on the all sides of politics motivated as well.

"He's not wrong there. Barack Obama was responsible for getting people off the sidelines and voting," Mike states.

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