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Parents share 'inspirational stories' of their transgender kids

Pat Gray Unleashed
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Today on “Pat Gray Unleashed” Pat discussed the eroding culture Liberals champion like transgenderism, socialism, and a universal income.

Callers shared their daily experiences with intolerant Leftists, including one caller who was unfriended by a transgender woman on Facebook for simply disagreeing with his stance on socialism and a universal income.

Pat went on to discuss an article titled, "9 Inspirational Stories of Transgender Kids & Their Supportive Parents" that completely embraces a distorted worldview of gender roles that parents on the Left seem to be embracing wholeheartedly.

“It’s pretty amazing how times have changed and we saw this happen with same-sex marriage. I mean, the change in that happened overnight. And we should learn something from these particular movements because why aren’t we doing the same thing with things like abortion?” said Pat. "We should be. We need to win some of our arguments and get back our culture."

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