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Passengers' is a hit with TheBlaze hosts

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Pat Gray reviews the hit sci-fi film "Passengers," describing it as a riveting, well-acted glimpse into the possible future of space travel. Glenn Beck praises Chris Pratt, who stars in the film alongside Jennifer Lawrence, as a talented actor who, by all reports, is a devout Christian and upstanding family man.

In fact, Pratt's religious convictions are reportedly so strong that he has avoided filming love scenes out of respect for his marital commitment to his wife, actress Anna Farris. Apparently, he broke this policy and acquiesced to on-screen physical intimacy with his attractive young co-star in "Passengers," a decision Glenn and the gang can understand.

"I love my wife. Am I serious about my covenant and vows? Yes. But it's Jennifer Lawrence!" Pat exclaims.

The gang then segues to a conversation about the brilliant 1977 Burt Reynolds vehicle "Smokey and the Bandit" and how its more off-color jokes would never get approved by today's movie studio executives.

"There's a lot in there you could not say," Glenn remarks.

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