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Pepper the Robot provides glimpse into future of retail shopping

Mike Opelka

Mike Opelka shares some fascinating information about Pepper the robot, one of the stars of the ongoing Consumer Electronics Expo in Las Vegas.

Produced by SoftBank, the 4-foot humanoid robot has been introduced at SoftBank's brick-and-mortar mobile device stores to interact with customers, leading to a surge in foot traffic. Pepper can reportedly recognize and respond to human emotions, adapting its behavior to suit the mood of its human partners.

After playing a clip of a reporter interviewing Pepper, Mike scoffs at the robot's refusal to identify its gender: "I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but we're doing away with gender."

Later in the clip, Pepper plays music and dances for its human interlocutor, which give Mike a great idea.

"I would pay money to see Jeff Fisher dance with a robot at the Consumer Electronics Show," Mike offers. "I'm just saying. Good money, possibly a week's salary. And I know we might be able to get a GoFundMe project for next year to have Jeffy spend a weekend with robots in Las Vegas, as long as we get rights to the video."

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