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Perspective vs. opinion: How do you find what really matters?

Glenn Beck

Glenn talked today about longtime conservative Erick Erickson, who has been struggling with devastating health issues in the last year. Erickson wrote a powerful piece on the Resurgent sharing what it's like to face death and realize what things are truly important in life.

Listen to what Glenn had to say on today's show (Soundcloud clip embedded above).

In his piece headlined "As I Lay Literally Dying, Politics Doesn't Really Matter," Erickson wrote:

"I have to tell you that American politics really does not matter when you have kids and are dying. You begin to seriously ask yourself what you want your kids to know if you’re gone. My kids, were they to learn about me from Google, would really only know what people who hate me think about me.

"I was far more worried about my kids’ relationship with God and their mother than about their politics or the political fight of the day. American politics today is such small ball gutter politics. The stakes are so small that the fights are all that matter. And I want my kids to have no part of that. Sure, there are fights that matter. But there are many more fights you think matter than actually do."

This is far from the first time someone has come to this realization. Remember when Glenn lost his voice for a month? He spent that time thinking a lot about what matters most and what words are worth saying ... especially if we don't have much time left.

Here’s the video of the emotional monologue Glenn delivered in complete silence:

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