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Politicians can now check out Jeffy's guide to adultery

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On this week’s “The Jeff Fisher Show,” Jeffy gave the former governor of Alabama some belated advice on having an affair.

Former Gov. Robert Bentley was accused of misappropriating state funds during a years-long affair with his chief aide. Now divorced, the governor began the extramarital affair in 2013. When his wife, Dianne, noticed he started treating her differently, she made a plan to get evidence and recorded him talking to his mistress at the Bentleys’ beach house.

“Now, the governor made some missteps,” Jeffy noted, pointing out that Bentley’s first mistake was when he let Rebekah Caldwell Mason, his married aide, regularly stay overnight in the pool house.

Big mistake No. 2 was when he got too specific in text messages, mistakenly sending “I love you, Rebekah” texts to Dianne.

“OK, governor, you know better than to be specific with ‘love you’s’ in text messages,” Jeffy said. “Generic ‘I love you's’ are good for anybody.”

The governor’s wife also noticed that he started treating her differently. When he stopped saying “I love you” and wouldn’t hold her hand when they made appearances together, she became suspicious.

According to Jeffy, this was a rookie error on the governor’s part: “You never change little things like that. That’s just dumb.”

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