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Poll: Would you fly in a plane with no pilot?

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Commercial airplanes already possess many automated functions, but pilots will tell you they can't do everything a trained human can do. The airline industry, however, thinks it can save $35 billion dollars a year by going to a completely automated, pilot-free plane.

Mike Opelka asked if you would ride in one on Tuesday's "Pure Opelka." You can weigh in below:

The advantage to going pilot-free to airlines and consumers is lower cost. Due to a pilot shortage, airlines are offering $20,000 sign up bonuses and large salaries to entice qualified persons to the profession. Another is safety; aeronautics giant Boeing says 80 percent of airline accidents are due to human error.

Mike felt package delivery service on automated planes might be a safer start. It seems most air travelers agree, with only 17 percent saying they feel comfortable with the concept. Nevertheless, we could see fully automated commercial planes by 2030.

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