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Putin is asked if he would shower next to a gay man; his answer is as bad as you would expect

Dennis Grombkowski / Getty Images

Filmmaker Oliver Stone interviewed Russian president Vladimir Putin for an upcoming four part special on Showtime. The press was sent a couple of preview segments, which Mike Opelka judged to show Putin as an “unfiltered, unapologetic jackwagon.” He explained why on today’s “Pure Opelka.”

Putin claims in the interviews to never need a day off because he never has bad days. The reason? “I am not a woman so I don’t have bad days. There are certain natural cycles which men probably have as well, just less manifested.”

Stone also asked Putin if he would shower next to a gay man on a submarine, a potentially explosive question considering Russia's record on gay human rights.

“Well, I prefer not to go to shower with him. Why provoke him?” Putin answered, as if the sight of a naked Putin is too much for the average gay submariner to exert self control. “But you know, I am a judo master.”

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