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Rabbi Lapin: Here's how Hollywood distorts truth, morality, nobility and even 'our higher selves

Image credit The Scarlet Letter trailer/Youtube

Everything we think we know about "Mutiny on the Bounty" is a lie!

In this podcast, Rabbi Daniel Lapin sets the record straight on Hollywood movies that completely distorted the truth.  The 1850 novel, "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a great work of art nourishing our higher selves with serious thoughts about good and evil, marriage and morality, hypocrisy and nobility, the inevitability of consequences and, yes, adultery.  But the 1995 movie "The Scarlet Letter" starring Demi Moore has as much to do with the book, as the movie "Free Willy" has to do with "Moby Dick," another great American novel written by Herman Melville around the same time as "The Scarlet Letter."

Rabbi Lapin also reveals what really happened in 1962. "In 1962, we have the arrival of the birth control pill. Now it had been created before that, 1960, 1961, but it really got on the market and began to make its mark in 1962," explained Rabbi Lapin. He added, "The thing about the pill was that it really turned a generation of American men into adolescents."

Listen to the short sound-clip above to learn more, or find the full podcast titled Boats And Whales, Adultery And Tigers, Zoos And Puritans here.

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