Rabbi Lapin: Immediate calls for gun control in the aftermath of Las Vegas are dishonest and stupid

Learning to evaluate your life’s circumstances requires using both your head and your heart— separately, and this applies to the Las Vegas massacre.

“We are human beings,” said Rabbi Lapin. “We empathize with those who lost loved ones.”

We know that those exploiting Las Vegas to advance a “gun-control” agenda are cynical, manipulative, dishonest (and also probably foolish) when you look at suicide rates and traffic fatality figures.

Do fewer homes own a toolbox these days? Are Americans less resourceful and self-reliant?  Is that why Ikea made a surprising purchase? Teachers feel that they are paid less than they feel they are worth.

Really? Rabbi Daniel Lapin explains how a free market works. Listen to the full podcast above to hear Rabbi Lapin answer these challenging questions.

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