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Rabbi Lapin: Is the federal income tax moral? Here's how to think about it

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Contrasted with other nations, morality is as important in American politics, if not more important, than expediency. Voters and legislators pass laws in America mostly because they are led to believe those laws are moral and good -- or at least not evil.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin asked who decreed that the income tax was moral on "The Rabbi Daniel Lapin" show. He said that "imposing confiscatory rates of taxation on hard working American families in order to underwrite multi-generational family dysfunction in other parts of America" is someone's idea of morality, but not his.

He described this version of income redistribution as being perceived as moral by most Americans. Because of this, government will continue to grow. He said we need to help people understand the lack of morality in the foundation of the income tax code to take the "first step to reign in the size of government."

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