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Rabbi Lapin offers the four pillars of life and the consequences of being ruled by emotions

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Rabbi Daniel Lapin shared some essential wisdom about not letting your emotions take over your life on this week’s episode.

Why haven’t you yet accomplished something you need to do? Often, it’s simply because you don’t feel like it, Rabbi Lapin explained. It’s important to learn “how to make sure we control our feelings and our feelings don’t control us,” he said.

“To a large extent, success follows doing a very simple thing, doing what you must do, not what you want to do, and doing it when you must do it and not when you feel like doing it.”

According to Rabbi Lapin, the four pillars of life are the four “f’s”: friendship, faith, finances and family. But if you fall prey to your feelings, your arbitrary emotions will keep you from being successful in the most important areas of life.

“Does this turn you into an automaton with no emotions? Of course not,” Rabbi Lapin said. “It does make it more feasible to make the right decisions in life rather than the decisions generated in an almost random fashion by our feelings.”

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