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Rabbi Lapin: What do your 'cultural genetics' say about you?


On this week’s podcast, Rabbi Lapin discusses how you just can't take New York out of the New Yorker. Though you might move away and no longer even consider yourself from that city or place, you still tend to snap right back into your old ways when you come back.

"I know people who left New York, maybe 20 years ago ... 30 years ago in some cases, they moved to Seattle and there is absolutely nothing about New York in those people anymore," said Rabbi Lapin. Then he went on to explain,"But, as it sometimes happens, I've traveled back to New York with one of them ... now guess what they're like when they're back in New York? All the old characteristic come flooding back and they are literally indistinguishable from New Yorkers."

Why does this happen? Because, as Rabbi Lapin explained, "When you are reunited with your tribe, when you are reconnected with that cultural group, its cultural genetics flow back into your system. "

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