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Salcedo: Republicans take a hit by not repealing Obamacare

Chris Salcedo
(Win McNamee / Staff / Getty Images)

Friday on "The Chris Salcedo Show," Chris Salcedo talked about the Republicans' failure to gather enough votes to pass their health care bill in the House of Representatives. He grudgingly praised the ruthless effectiveness of Democrats' congressional "Spaghetti Strategy," in which "every left-wing, kooky, nutty, crappy piece of policy got thrown up against the wall," leaving Republicans overwhelmed and divided for the past eight years over which legislation they should focus on opposing.

"You heard the Speaker himself say, 'We're transitioning from an opposition party to a governing party,'" Chris pointed out. "Well, when you were busy opposing, you should've been busy preparing for the day that you would be in the majority."

Chris expressed his disappointment that Republicans didn't agree on a health care reform strategy in anticipation of their eventual return to legislative power, marking a sharp contrast with President Donald Trump's self-assured policy positions.

"Isn't it ironic that the guy who's never done this before, sitting in the Oval Office, seems to be the guy that has the most drive and direction?" Chris asked.

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