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Retired colonel says the real crimes coming out of the White House aren't the president's

Chris Salcedo
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Retired United States Army Colonel and author of "The Last Line" Anthony Shaffer joined Chris Salcedo on today's "Chris Salcedo Show" to discuss crimes committed in the White House lately... by leaking staff.

"This is a -- no doubt -- federal felony," Shaffer began. "This is where they put you in jail for a long time. I mean, Bradley Manning just got out for doing something similar," he said, referring to leaks of information from possibly the intelligence community to the press.

He said most of President Donald Trump's administration is simply trying to follow the law, but former FBI director James Comey "didn't seem to get that memo that it was time to do his job." The colonel believed he was justifiably fired.

He turned to stories by the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, and the New York Times, which all quoted anonymous sources saying Trump gave classified information to Russia and asked Comey to drop his investigation of former national security adviser Mike Flynn.

Shaffer was amazed that no one had actually seen the memo Comey apparently dictated over the phone to the New York Times, but ran the story anyway.  He said it's "Journalism 101" to "get the artifact and look at it," accusing the Times of "journalistic malfeasance at best" and "weaponizing information" and slander at worst.


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