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Rubio gives ‘glowing analysis’ of Trump’s attack on Syria

Mike Opelka
(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

A year ago, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) was frequently ridiculed by then candidate Donald Trump. Now, the Florida senator is supporting President Trump after he ordered a missile strike on Syria in response to a recent chemical weapons attack that injured and killed civilians.

On Saturday’s “Pure Opelka,” Mike Opelka pointed out that lawmakers who clashed with Trump in the past are now the same ones advocating for action against Syria, including Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Marco Rubio.

“I really thought we’d see less cooperation from some of these people,” Opelka said. “Marco Rubio was called ‘Little Marco’ through the whole campaign, and yet Rubio is supporting President Trump on the decision to release the hounds, as it were. … He gave a glowing analysis.”

Syria has called the Tomahawk attack a violation of international law, while Rubio justified the attack by characterizing Syria as a threat that could use chemical weapons again at any time. “Marco Rubio is supporting regime change,” Mike added.

Opelka expressed concern regarding what will come next as the US gets more entangled in Syrian conflicts:

“If we take steps, what’s our commitment to defending them?” he asked. “What is our commitment to defending whatever replaces Assad? It seems like this is a really dangerous thing. This is a high wire we are getting on, and there is no net beneath us. Very dangerous stuff. But we’ve already launched the missiles, and we have to deal with it.”

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