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Russian hackers attacked multiple states' voting software -- and Obama knew

Pat and Stu
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Russia hacked polling software in 39 states during the 2016 presidential election. Illinois was the first state to give full access to the evidence they dug up when their systems were attacked. From this, other states were able to trace the "hacking footprint" to find their software had also been targeted.

The Obama administration knew about this, but as Stu Burguiere pointed out on today's "Pat & Stu," did not want to call the election into question because they assumed Hillary Clinton would win.

Pat Gray declared that Russia's actions are basically an act of war. The United States clearly needs to beef up cyber security despite the fact that Russia was unable to alter the outcome of the election, as they may be more successful in 2020.

"Can you imagine the gall of a country to come after the United States' election?" Stu asked.

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