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Sean Spicer lays blame for Flynn on Obama

Mike Opelka
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Retired general Michael Flynn, who resigned from his position as President Donald Trump's national security adviser back in February, was not vetted by the Trump administration, according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer. He laid the blame for the inclusion of Flynn in Trump's cabinet on former President Barack Obama's administration.

Flynn is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for lying about speaking to a Russian ambassador about impending sanctions on his country. Spicer told the press that the Obama administration renewed Flynn's clearance in 2016; the incident with the Russian ambassador occurred in 2015.

Mike Opelka called out Spicer on "Pure Opelka" today, noting that not to have vetted Flynn and then to blame the Obama administration is irresponsible and predicted that the press conference will get played over and over again on all news programming. It would have been better to admit the mistake immediately.

Mike suggested that the Trump administration should now re-credential everyone in high level positions that had previously been given clearance by the Obama administration. After this admission, failure to do so only invites further scrutiny, he thought.

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