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Secret Service may want to look into Keith Olbermann

Mike Opelka
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Kieth Olbermann, erstwhile sports commentator and MSNBC political pundit, currently hosts a political web series on behalf of GQ entitled "The Closer." Olbermann recently re-branded his show, calling it "The Resistance" to signal his staunch opposition to the incoming Trump regime. His comments have grown more irate and irrational since Trump's victory, and he is currently begging electors to vote for someone — anyone — other than the Republican nominee.

Mike Opelka used to enjoy following Olbermann, despite their disagreements, but now Mike worries that "Olbermann has lost his mind." A recent tweet from Olbermann was particularly troubling, and has Mike wondering if the Secret Service needs to pay Olbermann a visit.

"He tweeted today — ten o'clock today — 'You treacherous Russian whore, Donald Trump. The White House and all of us have been after you for this for months. And we will get you,'" Mike reads. "Now are you allowed — I know you're allowed to call the president of the United States, the president-elect a Russian whore. That's free speech. But are you allowed to say, 'We will get you'? Is that a threat?"

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